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Counselor Careers

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The state government and the local government employ 4 out of 10 counselors. The healthcare industry is one of the many industries that employs and are looking for many counselors all across the country. Recent graduates from counseling programs are highly considered. Counselor careers are increasing due to job opportunities available in any state which include many different fields of counseling.

Counselors support people in dealing with family, educational, personal, mental health and career problems and decisions. Their responsibilities may vary on the individuals they serve and on the location or area which they work. Careers in counseling are fairly diversified. The career could take you into areas like education, vocational, marriage and family, rehabilitation, etc.

School counselors are working with students with regards to their social development problems, academic problems and with special needs. The school counselors promote and advocates academic, career, personal and social development in partnership with the students and the other underlying organizations. In different levels, school counselors’ advices students to fully understand and they are dealing with behavioral, social and personal problems. They also give emphasis to developmental and preventive counseling to be able to provide certain individuals especially students with having life skills needed to carry out unexpected dilemma and situations before they happen and to cultivate student’s academic , social and personal growth.

Vocational counselors are engulfing settings outside of school premises. They are also referred or recognized as career counselors or employment counselors. Its major concern is supporting individuals in dealing for this future career path. vocational counselors evaluates and explores the client’s personality traits, education, interests, skills, training and work history and are the ones who organize for achievements and aptitude tests for the client to aid in making appropriate decisions.

A counselor career in rehabilitation assists people in dealing with the effects of a disability in vocational, social and personal area. Rehabilitation counselors help individuals and clients who have disabilities in result of illness or disease, life’s stresses, birth defects and accidents. These counselors arrange medical care, job placement and vocational training for clients as well as provide vocational and personal counseling. Independence is the sum of all the effort rehabilitation counselors want to achieve after each sessions of counseling.

Mental health counselors are working with certain individuals, groups and families to deliver and to manage emotional and mental disorders and to encourage optimum mental health capacity. These counselors are educated and trained in various therapeutic techniques used to give a broad range of issues which includes issues with regards to emotional and mental health; family, parenting and marital or other relationship problems; depression, substance abuse and addiction, stress management, suicidal impulses, dilemma with self esteem, problems regarding with aging, career and job associated and educational decisions and issues. These counselors are working closely with the other health specialists like psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, school counselors and clinical social workers.

There are many other counselor careers in other specifications like multicultural counseling which aides many employers to be able to adapt to an expanded workforce. Gerontological counseling which give services to elderly individuals and their loved ones when they face the reality of accepting to the point of getting older. And lastly genetic counseling which enables to give information and provide support and help to the families and loved ones who have family members with genetic disorders or birth defects and others who in the future may be at risk of acquiring some inherited diseases.

Qualifications are determined according to where one lives and what area one wants to pursue in counseling. According to government data, requirements for school counselors must have a state school counseling certification, to complete at least some graduate course work; gaining a master’s degree would be an edge. This is applicable and is required by all states in the country.

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